Measurement Microphone Room Acoustics

Settling Into The New Mastering Room

Tuning the Studio

The move into the brand new mastering room is complete and 808Hz is switched on and fired up! I’ve been planning, designing and building the studio for eighteen months now so it’s very satisfying to see it complete and operational. I undertook extensive acoustic analysis and room tuning and I’m really pleased with the resulting consistent frequency response. The clarity of the sound is phenomenal, though I say so myself!

Finding the optimum placement for the sub took a lot of experimentation and testing with the measurement microphones. The process entailed using cables long enough to allow the sub to be placed at any position in the studio, alternately playing full frequency range sine sweeps and pink noise and measuring the response on a frequency graph. I then moved the sub and re-measured until I found the position which gave the flattest response curve.

This has resulted in a room that isn’t colouring the sound coming out of the monitors, so I can make decisions with regards to EQing, compression etc. with absolute accuracy. And this is crucial in creating mastered tracks that transfer to all sound systems and sound amazing, from grotbox mono radios to the blingest neighbourhood-shaking car stereo.

Happiness is a warm sub — MS

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