About 808Hz Mastering

Matt Saunders Mastering Engineer808Hz Mastering is an online audio mastering studio operating in Sherborne (between Bristol and Exeter). My name is Matthew J Saunders and I’ve worked in the music industry in one guise or another for over 25 years—in the noughties I was signed to 4AD Records with my songwriting partner John Hanson, as Magnétophone. Currently, as well running 808Hz, I am a media composer ( website here ).

I’ve worked with a wide range of artists and labels over the years in a variety of genres. My songwriting collaborations and production credits include records with Kim Deal (The Pixies), Kelley Deal (The Breeders), Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R.), King Creosote, James Yorkston, PG Six, John Hanson and John Mark Lapham (The Earlies).

My mastering credits include: Colin Newman (Wire) & Malka Spigel (Immersion), Richard Norris (The Grid / Psychic TV), Eva Bowan, Jon Thorne (Lamb, Iron and Wine), Eliza Carthy & The Memory Band (EAN / Stick In The Wheel), Ekoplekz, Howlround, Kemper Norton, Farmer Glitch, pHarmerz, The Duke St Workshop, Grantby, Lee F Cullen, tele:funken, BLACKASH, Goodnight Lenin, Cheval Sombre, David Jaycock, Porridge Radio, Dataflex, Damrai Vent, Independent Country, Irie Echo, Mylamine, Garden Centre, LC Pumpkin, GAPS, Dog in the Snow, KUB, Merlin Tonto, Veil, Assembled Minds, CukoO, RunningOnAir, Lo Five, Anthony Reynolds, The Home Current, translūcēre, Matters, Victories at Sea, Clive Henry, Grohs, Guy Birkin, Horsetail, Joe Evans, Leniad, Olan Mill, Skiks, Stephen Christopher Stamper, Alan D Boyd, Frans de Waard — QST, Spacement, The Hundredth Anniversary, Penelope Isles, Prince Vaseline, Dark Horses, PROJECTOR, Circe, Jungfrau, Speak Galactic, T House, Occurrence, I Am Voyager 1, Emma Gatrill, Bloom, A Lily, Heirloom, GURU, SKiNNY MiLK, Radidas, Hollow Hand, Winter Gardens, The Bit ‘A Sweet, Rupert’s People, The Illusions, Art Guy.

I’ve worked with labels 4AD, Beggars Banquet, iK7!, Static Caravan, Love Thy Neighbour, Touched Music for Macmillan, Spaceage Recordings, Earworm, Ochre, Patterned Air.

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Mastering is a perfect combination of science, analysis and creativity which is why it appeals to me. I love being trusted with a client’s track and all the hard work it represents. Realising a piece of music’s full audio potential and brilliance is the real joy of the job.

As well as being a mastering engineer, I also run a record label and I’m an electronic music artist. I’ve been making and releasing records for nearly twenty years as Magnétophone and Assembled Minds. My record label ‘Patterned Air‘ is my pride and joy, and releases early electronics, old techno, classroom composition and sleep music.